How to create a home that feels like YOU!

Stop overwhelm… Quickly make the BEST decisions… Discover YOUR unique style. Learn my step-by-step proven design formula to easily create a beautiful home that feels like you, works for you and makes you feel good.  (No matter your style or budget!)

Wednesday, June 29th at 12 pm BST


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During this workshop, you will learn how to...

Start your project NOW without confusion or fear of getting it wrong. Get the quick-start you need!

Maximise your space by pinpointing what's working, what's not working and how your room will be used. Your home has to be functional too, right?! 

Get clear on your style, so you can create a home thats says your name and doesn't look like a copycat from a pretty room you saw on Pinterest.

Calm the overwhelm and start feeling confident about your ideas and decisions before going ahead. No more feeling stuck!

Keep focused by having a clear plan to follow so you don't get distracted by all the shiny objects out there! No more making costly mistakes.

Design for the feeling instead of the look so you can create a home that'll always feel special to you and helps you to live your best life.

But don't take my word for it...



You'll not only receive a workbook - or a joybook as I call it! - to follow along the workshops. You'll also get the chance to WIN SIX MONTHS of my membership The Blooming Home Society!

Where you get access to all my home decor courses, plus access to me and my help to design your home.

All you need to do is to fill out your joybook and send proof to us for your chance to win the membership!

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June 30th - Q&A LIVE SESSION

A live workshop to give you clarity about your dream home and in tune with the vision you have in your heart.

Ask your questions and get my help to solve your design dilemmas and make the right decisions for your home.

This Training Is For You If:

  • You're so overwhelmed and confused by all the possibilities that you don't know where to start.
  • You want clarity and a plan to create a home that feels like you!
  • You've been trying to decorate your home, but are feeling stuck because you are so worried about getting it wrong that you don't even do anything.
  • You want to create a happy and comfortable home that expresses you, but you are not sure about what's your personal style or how you can incorporate it into your home and make it flow.

About Your Instructor


"I've helped so many amazing people to connect the dots their own way and tell their personal story through their homes, and creating beautiful memories there... And I would LOVE to help you too!" 

The Official Bio

Ju De Paula is an Interior Designer that has worked on many commercial and residential projects. 

She has also helped 1000s of creative women design their own happy homes.  

Her work has been featured in magazines, blogs and tv shows around the world.  

And when she isn't creating something special, you can find her crafting with her little ones, watching films with her hubby or dancing around the kitchen to 90’s songs.

What's the secret to a happy home?

"Forget about trends... the secret to creating a joyful home that looks and feels like you is to start from YOU!"

Your home has a BIG impact on your wellbeing. And it's the best place for you to express yourself and be you! It's where you relax, recharge your batteries and get the energy to become who you want to be... So don't let overwhelm get in your way of creating a space that says your name, reflects your life and your dreams.  

Join me for this free masterclass... and I'll show you how you can instantly start creating a welcoming home that feels like YOU and puts a smile on your face every time you walk through the door!

See you there! Ju xx


As seen in...

Home Beautiful Magazine

”What’s the secret to a happy home – the kind that lifts your spirits and inspires you every day? Brazilian/British interior designer Ju De Paula has a fairly good idea about the transformative powers of a home that radiates with energy. Her own inimitable style permeates every room of her home – a hyper-feminine and flower-filled sanctuary, vibrating with colour, texture and pattern.”

Garden Collage Magazine

”Ju de Paula’s interior designs can be called many things– bright, inspiring, effervescent– but if there’s one characteristic that they all share, it’s that upon entering a space she’s designed it’s hard to figure out what to pay attention to first. Her work is fun and eye-catching, capable of transforming the homes she designs into floral playgrounds of wonder.”


Even If You Are Feeling Overwhelmed and Stuck!

Wednesday, June 29th at 12 pm BST


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